St.Francis Xavier Cathedral | Adelaide CBD Wedding | State Library of South Australia

10 March 2018

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St. Francis Xavier Cathedral, State Library of South Australia

These days I don’t often shoot Adelaide church wedding photos, but the first time I met Mel & Vozz over a glass of wine at mothervine, I knew we would click so well on their wedding day. As much as I try to show my personality on my website, it’s because of this that I love a face to face meeting. It was here I discovered the true nature of their relationship. It was one built on a lot of fun, and a connection that runs straight to the heart. You see, when they first met, Mel was not into David. But his persistence, romanticism and sheer cheek, won her over. We got to know each other better in an engagement session (you can see it here) and it was the beautiful images we created that gave them the confidence to let me have full creative control over their photos. And when I say control, it’s almost a letting go.

After documenting the nerves of getting read and a beautifully traditional church ceremony, David shed some tears as he saw his bride come down the aisle ( I LOVE THIS!). Some quick family photos after the ceremony and it was time to take some snaps before the reception.
We found some cool places where we could stroll, grab a drink and generally have a good time. We took a few snaps at the church, then over to Hains & Co. at gilbert place, where the bridal party could grab some refreshments while we took some snaps of them interacting. It’s all about keeping the natural flow of your day going – without taking you away from your family and friends and letting you get back to the party. It was so much fun getting to hang out with these guys, they really know how to throw down – the best part? An epic party at the State Library of South Australia – who knew books could rock so hard?

Dress: Pronovias – purchased at Luv BridalBridesmaid dresses: PilgrimMen’s suits: Joseph UzumcuFlorist: Eiren (Burnside Florists) | Cake: Skysies Cakes | Makeup: Steph – Orbe | Hair: Monique – Sueno | DJ: Paul Gurry | Dance floor parquetry: Entertainment Adelaide |Church string quartet: Amicus Music | Photobooth: Snap-Snap

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I love when families get together and have a laugh on the wedding day. It must be nice for the parents to have the siblings gathering at the dinner table like this once again.

There was an in-joke that Dave needed to “hang loose” on the day – you’ll see this hand gesture pop up a lot during the day

“Give me your best Reservoir Dogs strut”

Good makeup is so critical on your wedding day – don’t make it too heavy that your pores block, but natural, and light – like you’re not even wearing any at all

I love that the girls got photos done in the mancaveLight played such a big part on this wedding. I don't pre-plan any of these types of photos, I just shoot them as I see it. Little did I know this would be a pre-cursor to another beautiful photo later in the galleryHow do bride's get into their dresses without bridesmaids??

Adelaide Bride, Adelaide Wedding Photos
I like to leave the bride at least 30mins before she has to leave, enough time to let her get her composure, think forward to the rest of the day and start to build the anticipation.

St.Francis Xavier Church Wedding Photos

The light coming through these windows are glorious

Orchestral Music in a church creates such a beautiful ambiance.

There were only 2 flames lit – surely a sign

There’s so much symbolism in churches, it’s hard not to draw parallels

A lot of grooms don’t expect to show this king of emotion. There’s such a crazy mix of emotions that bubble up that come from nowhere and can be kind of overwhelming. Don’t fight it – let it wash over you – it makes for the best memories.

I love putting couples in beautiful light and giving them some space to take in their day. I tell them to chat about their day and what they’ve enjoyed so far. It makes for natural and authentic moments like this that are charged with memory.

The State Library of South Australia – such a beautiful wedding venue. The accumulated knowledge and history here kept a lot of the guests intrigued. Literally alcoves filled with different and interesting displays of South Australian history

Tiffany really know how to take that customer service thing to the next level! I told them we would try to swing past for some photos – so they left this little display on the windows. Love xx

Pure unadulterated joy like this makes my job so wonderful. One of my favourite images of the night
We couldn’t resist interfering with a light show that was playing and getting involved in the visuals – just like kids really haha

DJ Gurry, one of the nuttiest DJ’s in Adelaide

Despite his eccentricities, he certainly knows how to get a D floor moving!