Barrister’s Block Engagement Photos | Adelaide Hills Engagement Session | Mel + David

26 August 2017

Barrister’s Block, Adelaide Hills Engagement Photos

If you haven’t already thought of it, get married in the Adelaide Hills! Beside’s the Barossa Valley, I can’t think of a better place to get hitched. The beautiful crisp air, the wide sweeping fields. The rolling hills. And have I mentioned the wine? You can’t get past the wine in Adelaide. At one of the most lovely, rustic wineries, is where we shot this Adelaide Hills Engagement.

Mel and David met on a camping trip and before long, David’s antics started to win Mel’s heart. Despite this quick spark, the engagement wasn’t to come straight away and almost ten years later, David proposed to Mel on a spectacular beach in Bali.

Nevertheless, the most notable thing one will notice when looking at David and Mel, is it’s the very evident abundance of love they have for each other. There’s a clear sense of trust and a solid foundation, which must have been built on years of open communication. Being able to capture the intimacy and fun of a couple’s relationship before their wedding day is a great opportunity to showcase their relationship.

I love to connect with my couples before a shoot and getting as much from them as possible. In this session, we wanted to focus on the closeness and stability they have together, whilst having a little fun as well.

 A more idyllic winery to take a portrait of a couple I couldn’t pick. You can’t really go wrong walking amongst the beautiful pine trees, deer and cherry blossoms of Barristers Block. Strolling casually amongst the trees and taking in the peaceful scene is only made better, by capping it all off with some delicious wine from the tasting room.

If you are looking for an Adelaide Hills Wedding venue, then you can’t really miss coming here.

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