Marybank Farm Engagement Session | Adelaide Hills | Chelsea + Michael

Marybank Farm Engagement Session, Adelaide Hills

He has a trade, she works in finance – worlds apart in some ways, but when you see these guys together, you can literally feel the electricity in the air. When I picture these guys, the old saying “when you know, you just know” comes to mind. These guys met by chance, in a chic little bar in Adelaide called Distil. Chelsea noticed Michael and walked straight up to him and struck up a conversation. Pulling some strings to get some drinks at the bar, she gave him her number and left to enjoy the rest of her night. It takes a special kind of relationship to spark such serendipity and the rest “as they say is history”.

This session was styled to reflect their modern classic vibe, Chelsea has all the glamour (and sass) of a Sex in the city girl, and Michael just has this old world charm and sensibility about him

“Mike is handsome, kind hearted & carefree, the things I get stressed about he doesn’t, he keeps me grounded, makes me feel safe…”

When couples share their intimate stories, of how they first met and how they fell in love, I feel humbled and blessed at the same time. To help them celebrate their engagement, such a special time in life where we announce our love to another human, for life. To me that’s the essence of love and one of the things that makes this craft so special to me.

Here are some highlights from this session.

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