The Winehouse | Langhorne Creek Wedding | South East Australia Wedding

30 March 2018

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The Winehouse. Wedding Photos in Langhorne Cree, South Australia.

Michael and Chelsea are your a-typical power couple – good looking, successful and well travelled. Chelsea is used to managing multiple portfolios of both people and property – but when it came time to documenting their wedding, it was so nice to know she had full trust that I could capture her vision. For those that haven’t been, Langhorne Creek is one of the famous wine regions in South Australia. This is how they discovered the hidden little gem – The Winehouse. Serving beautiful local cuisine and wine from the region – theirs was a celebration of love, family, friends and good times. Chelsea was absolutely glowing, and having a chance to hang out with her and Michael at the same location for the pre-wedding photos, meant a stress free, super relaxed time where we could take snaps of them hanging with their bridal party. From there, it was a short 20 mins to the ceremony location, beautifully decorated by Brooke and the team at The Beautiful Life – they did an amazing job dressing up the venue, without taking away from the rustic charm. Jumping into the stretch hummer limo, we snapped some shots at the local pier near Lake Alexandrina, in the south east of the state, where the boys bared it all for some cheeky snaps.

From there, it was time to get the party started – after the formalities of some beautifully written speeches, Chloe from the amazingly talented band The Cast kickstarted the dance floor like it was on rocket fuel – honestly one of my favourite times at a wedding, where I can see everyone’s true personalities come out as the music blares, and the alcohol flows.

Oh – and check out the thoughtful bomboniere that these guys put together for their guests – definitely ones that planned a big nightbefore!

Check out the gorgeous people and the awesome shenanigans below.

Venue: The WinehouseStyling: Brooke – The Beautiful Life | Dress: Kylie J Bridal | Bridesmaid Dresses: Zimmerman | Makeup: Mary Calandro | Entertainment: The Cast

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There’s something a little anal retentive about laying out the details like this. I have to do it though, I can’t help myself lol!

It’s SUPER important to pick the right beats while you get ready – this one was a pearler!

A studlier bunch of lads you’ve never met.

The best man got a little too carried away…
Immediately after this session, mother of the groom came to the rescue with needle and thread. Lucky we had planned a relaxed timeline – this would definitely have “undone” other grooms (sorry I’m a dad)

Can you tell Chelsea plays basketball?

Lots of bridesmaids are really handy for getting you dressed. Sometime’s daily life would be much easier with this much help

This stunning old gumtree is over 100 years old. And check out the white picket fences from the Old Adelaide Oval.

Nothing beats a moment like this. Seeing her for the first time, in her dress.

A traditionally non traditional greek orthodox ceremony – but the swapping of crowns was a must have

hopping out of the limo and taking over the pier in Milang

I’ve always been a little partial to R&B and “smack that” by Akon comes to mind here
Just a gorgeous couple.

It's a Beautiful Life wedding styling Adelaide.
The stunning decor by Brooke from It’s a beautiful life.

Langhorne Creek Wedding PhotosLanghorne Creek Wedding Photos

Kicking off their heels for this wedding was a priority – so doing their first dance as part of their entrance into the reception meant they could get the nervous tension out – and feature the dance floor early!

Langhorne Creek Wedding Photos

Langhorne Creek Wedding Photos
The gorgeous sunsets in the south east. Beautiful

I had the best time with this crew!

Speeches that jerk the tears are almost always heartfelt.

Same as the ones that draw out the laughs.

One of my favourite Greek Wedding traditions – OPA!

There’s always someone who can’t hold their alcohol at weddings…

Chloe from The Cast priming the dance floor with “Bom Bom” by Sam and the Womps. I gotta say, I think their version is better!


Chloe Castledine - The Cast Adelaide

When you’ve got a room full of basketball players, this boquet toss is going to get serious…

The Cast
The last song of the night is always nostalgic

The moment you wish could last forever…
This bomboniere is hands down, top notch! pre-hangover food.