Pele’s Chair, Honolulu, Hawaii Destination Engagement | Kayla + Christian

21 September 2018

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Pele’s Chair Engagement Session, Honolulu

Kayla and Christian’s engagement session was a blast. He’s in the Army, an officer, she’s a writer – on one of the most beautiful places in the world. Chancing upon these two during my stay in Honolulu was seriously one of the best things and letting me document their love for each other in Paradise, was absolutely fantastic.

“I love that he is so passionate about life and his goals. He’s also the most genuinely kind person I’ve ever met…”

When couples unravel their relationship in front of me, I truly feel so blessed and thankful that I can be so lucky to have the opportunity. Becoming a destination wedding photographer has always been a dream of mine, documenting love and travelling all around the world going it. It’s simply one of the most glorious things a human can ever do, in my humble opinion.

Pele’s Chair is right near the Makapu’u lighthouse, and often overlooked, for the walk up the hill – if you haven’t been there before, the best time to walk it is just before sunset, like we did. The glorious light bouncing off the grass is something else.