Adelaide Hills Engagement | Tara & Leanne

16 February 2017

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Adelaide Hills Engagement session

Tara and Leanne are just so good for each other. I always find it such a privilege when a couple lets me into their relationship, even for just a couple of hours. We met for the shoot at Miss Perez, in Stirling (cracking little place if you’ve never been!) as we had the idea to use some of the cool wall space as backdops. From there we went bush, amongst some of the cool little parks and walkways in Stirling.

I found out that Leanne is quite the romantic, packing a vegan, picnic lunch she set off on a 3 hour drive to their favourite spot, and proposed with a vegan picnic and the wedding ring hidden in a massive bunch of roses.

“The way we feel about each other. How no matter how hard life gets. She always makes it worth it”

During the shoot, it started off as it always does, with a little nervous energy and awkwardness. But after some banter and a couple of glasses of wine, the masks fell and we had a great time snapping shots together.

here’s a little peek of what we created.