Asha + Matt | Golding Wines Wedding | Adelaide Hills | South Australia

7 April 2018

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Golding Wines, Adelaide Hills Wedding, South Australia.

What can I say about Asha and Matt – my first meeting was with Matt at Nola. We chatted for a couple of hours over beers and wings. I’d say we hit it off from the start. From there I got to know these guys through the planning process, and I began to understand how deep their love ran. There’s a certain electricity that builds when love is requited – Asha and Matt separated for a couple of years whilst they each pursued their careers – Matt stayed in Adelaide, Asha, to Darwin. But distance makes the heart grow fonder, and Asha soon realised that there was a husband in her future and he was back in Adelaide.

A love of all the good things the Adelaide Hills has to offer led them to Golding Wines. Funnily enough, they’d planned a Golden Theme. During our site planning session, we did a walkthrough of the venue. Asha and Matt were undecided on placement of the ceremony. Asha wanted to minimise the fuss and nerves as she walked up the aisle – so we flipped the location on it’s head. I don’t think the ceremony had been positioned here before, and the positioning made for a unique perspective as Asha approached the aisle – everyone had an unobtrusive view as she approached – and it left the nerves of the walk down the aisle for after the ceremony.

There’s so many amazing locations at Golding wines to explore – but some of my favourite parts were honestly just hanging out with these two beautiful souls and witnessing their love for each other. There were so many beautiful little touches in this wedding – did I mention Asha made her own wedding dress?

Enough from me! Check out the beautiful snaps below – and here are some of the rad vendors that made all of this possible.

Venue: Golding WinesDress & Florals: Asha Lines (Bride) | Cake: Rosa Warren Bridesmaid Dresses: Alice Mccall | Makeup: Nicole AbelaHair: Natasha Keneally | Men’s Suits: Joseph UzumcuEntertainment: DJ Troy – Disco City Sounds

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Handmade Flowers

Stunning smouldering bride.

Probably one of the cutest precessional welcomes you could ask for.

Reversing the aisle lessened the nerves and gave everyone an unobstructed view of this gorgeous bride

Spontaneous dancing as the newlyweds were announced

Having an absolute blast with your bridal party is essential on your wedding day!

Golding Wines wedding photos

Best part about the bride making her own dress? Another surprise changeup

That look is priceless

Nothing beats giggling your ass off with the one you love on your wedding day.

Golding Wines wedding photosGolding Wines wedding photos

Because what else would you do when you see vines like this?
PS one of the fastest bride’s I’ve ever seen!

This beautiful cake, tasted amazing!

Asha takes the dance floor… and owns it!