Tiff + Kane | Waimanalo Beach | Oahu, Hawaii

10 October 2017

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Waimanalo Beach Wedding, Honolulu

Tiff and Kane are two of the chillest people I know. It must be because they work in high stress jobs and know how to hit their downtime. Getting married in Hawaii is some next level kind of epic, and I’m not gonna lie, a total bucket list item ticked off for me. So when these guys decided to get hitched at Wamanalo Beach, I was stoked to be able to document their nuptials. I got to travel all around the island in the days before the wedding (a blog post for another time) and seeing the beauty that this little place of paradise has to offer, it was pretty easy to see why they decided to start their married life here!

(If they look familiar to you – yes! these guys are the couple in the water that I was lucky enough to win an award for, yep – the ones with the epic embrace in the water)

The weather was just stunning in the lead to the wedding and I don’t think these guys could have turned it on even more. But like all weddings, it all went by too fast, but I was so impressed by how much they were able to squeeze into each moment. Everyone that showed up was next level awesome, and there was not a single person who did not turn it on for the celebrations. The epic sunset party at a private mansion overlooking Diamond Head national park and the surprise Hula and Fire Twirler was a surprise that no one saw coming – Tiff and Kane’s special gift to those who attended and shared in the celebration of their love.

On a personal note, I’m so thankful to Tiff and Kane for being the most hospitable folks, relaxed and photogenic subjects and friends – so stoked to have been able to capture your special day with you.

Here’s how it all played out…

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