Voigtlander 35 1.4 Nokton Classic – FE Mount | Rolling review

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Voigtlander NOKTON 35 1.4 Classic, FE-Mount

This is a rolling review – from a real photographer, of the Voigtlander Nokton Classic, 35 1.4 manual focus lens for Sony mirrorless systems. I’ve literally opened the box this morning and taken a few test frames. I’ll be shooting with this lens in the coming days in real world situations, so hopefully I can give it a decent crack – and give you something useful to go by before buying it!

I purchased this copy, one of the first 4 in Australia, from Mainline Photographics, the Voigtlander Distributor.

This is actually my first “gear review” so bare with me – you won’t see any MTF charts or pixel peeping etc. I’m just going to use the lens how I would in the field – and try to give you some images worth looking at. The initial test shots are of my daughter’s stuffed toy (the only model I could get a hold of!) but I will update as we go!

“Large-diameter & compact wide-angle lens that refined the flavor of classic lenses with the latest optical technology and revived to the present age. Unlike modern performance-based lens design, it embodies the beauty of lens character and depiction by intentionally leaving aberration”

So according to Voigtlander, this lens is designed to be imperfect – I’ve taken some quick test shots below: keep an eye out for a more comprehensive post in a week’s time.

Let’s see how it looks! Feel free to leave your comments below, or anything you’re particularly curious about this lens.



* UPDATED 27th of Feb 2018 *

More photos posted from a commercial shoot I did for a supermarket – see for yourself. Variety of photos shot at f1.4 to f8.

For me – this lens is getting packed up and returned. I need something with less “character” in my work to keep it all consistent. Some people may like the look.

Overall handling and focus was ok – there’s a bit of breathing by the looks of some shots – nice, well made lens, but the character flaws are too much for me.

Nokton Classic 35 f1.4 - Sony E mountVoigtlander Nokton Classic 35 1.4 - E mount


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