Secret Garden | Adelaide Hills Engagement Session | Emma + Mitch

13 March 2018


Adelaide Hills Engagement Photos

They met through mutual friends in year 12 and have been together ever since. Emma and Mitch are the type of couple that bring balance to each other. You can tell when they’re together, the world is just right.

When they asked if we could do the engagement session where Mitch proposed, I was immediately excited. You see, it’s not an every day place you can go, and those in the know, understand that it’s not somewhere you can go anymore. I hate to be cryptic, but it’s definitely a secret, but when you hear the proposal story, you’ll understand why we had to go back there.

Mitch: “There is a secret garden…. where I first told Em I loved her, back when we had first started dating. We have since shared picnics and walks there and it seemed the most meaningful and special location to pop the question. 
I waited until there was a weekend where we had something planned in the afternoon but had the morning free. 
When Em got back from the gym, I had a few notes placed around the house like clues she had to read. The last one read “Drive to the place I first told you I loved you”. Meanwhile, one of my best mates, Fraser and I were setting up the proposal in the garden. I had printed one photo of us from each year we had been together with a little note at the bottom saying something about our relationship that year. We hung the photos on twine across the branches above the garden path in chronological order with the final photo on the top of the rock that looks over Adelaide – this was to be where the magic happened. 
Em finally arrived after calling me a couple times for attire suggestions and directions. Not my intended plan, but it was expected. 
We walked through the garden, stopping at each photo as I read out the note. By the last photo stop, we were both quite emotional as I dropped the knee. The rest is history. “

And what an amazing history – it’s so lovely to be able to return where this story unfolded and to be able to share this little love story with these two. Here’s how some of it went down.

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