Ayer’s House Wedding | Taylor + Kane

11 November 2017

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Ayer’s House, Adelaide

The smoky taste of peaty, islay scotch, amber bubbles of champagne, the gooey chew of chocolate fudge and the coffee goodness of an espresso martini. These are some of my favourite things – and also some fantastic experiences you can enjoy indoors. November rain is always a bit of a bummer, especially when it’s your wedding day! But Taylor and Kane were not to be deterred and with the afore mentioned delights to enjoy, we made the most of having to stay indoors while it rained on their parade. Two of the happiest and cutesy couple’s I’ve met, nothing would ruin this fairytale wedding day! With family from both side’s who travelled – and Taylor’s mum coming from Canada, we made the most of the beautiful locations around Adelaide, including the proof bar, The Mayfair Hotel and Ayer’s House.

The best part? A surprise ukelele song by Kane for his new wife – if you haven’t already – watch the slideshow above to check it out!

But enough from me, check out the fun we had (And the awesome indulgence I mentioned above) in the pics below!