Katie + Cristian | Al Ru Farm Wedding | Adelaide Hills | South Australia

24 April 2018

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Al Ru Farm, Adelaide Hills Wedding, South Australia.

Katie & Cristian have known each other since they were teens. They live in the hills and Al Ru Farm was the perfect venue for them to celebrate their love for each other.

Both are deeply caring, of each other and family. You can tell that the depths of this love runs deep and it was evident in their celebration. Simple, intimate and honest. Katie was filled with emotion as the day unfolded, so thankful for all the friends and family that celebrated with them – and even more thankful for her Cristian and their two little carbon copies.

I was lucky enough to work with Katie when we were younger, so when she told me she was getting married – and that she wanted me to be her photographer, I couldn’t wait to be a part of it! The light at Al Ru Farm is always so exciting in the lead up to winter. The rain during the week promised a gorgeous sunset, and the hills, well they always deliver. A great little tip when planning your wedding day is to have a backup option, in case it rains – find a venue that can house all your invited guests from ceremony to reception – in case the clouds open up – you can see the gorgeous interior of the barn house at Al Ru – but luckily we didn’t have this problem on the day. Another great tip is to schedule 15 mins before sunset, where you and your new husband or wife can take a stroll and enjoy each other’s company, alone, and to take in the celebrations as your guests party into the night.

Enough from me! Check out the beautiful snaps below:

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Al Ru Farm Wedding Photos
Gorgeous little moment for mother & daughter as she gets ready for her first look.


Getting nervous is perfectly normal, especially if you’ve planned a first look.

I love tears on a wedding day

First Look: Take each other in before everyone else does.

The bride walked herself down the aisle, but it was no less emotional or beautiful