Artist. Photographer. Humanist.

I am fascinated by taking photos of people in love. No matter what colour, shape, size it is – to me, there should be no barriers to love, whether it be race, age or gender, love is love.

I don’t really have a long and sappy story about how I’ve always wanted to be a photographer. If anything, it’s actually quite boring. I bought a camera before a big trip to Japan. I took photos all the time. I realised I was good at it.

Before photography, in my teens and early adulthood, I explored illustration, graphic design, sculpture and even music. Photography came a little later in life – but it was the best way to create my art, without paint, clay, ink and notes going everywhere. I’ll be honest. I’m a better photographer than all those other things combined.

I searched for all sorts of subject matter when I first started – but I found still life a little boring.

Weddings on the other hand… They fascinate me.

I’ve always been connected to people. I’m energised by their mood and I love to feel the highs and lows – move with the pace of life as it happens.

I’ve been doing this for just over 7 years now and each wedding I document still feels new and exciting to me.

Working with me, you’ll learn how to relax, forget about the fact you’re getting pictures taken and focus on the one thing that’s important – the love of your life next to you, and the most amazing day you’re about to have together.

I’ll coach you where needed and give you tips so that you can be your most authentic selves. But for the most part – I’ll step back so you can savour every single moment.

I’m not your typical wedding photographer, stuck for ideas (and poses). My art is to capture your wedding day in all it’s beauty. The photos will mean so much more, because you’ll forget I was there.

On the day, I’ll be one of the bridal party, a guest that blends in and someone who keeps their eye on the ball with you. Heck, I even carry spare hair ties, safety pins and band aids… just in case.

My clients are like my friends and when we meet, you’ll probably get a hug or a kiss. Just pre-warning you.

If you love people, music, food, authenticity and adventure – we’ll get along just fine.

Feel free to get in touch – I’d love to find out more about you.

~ Israel

Get in Touch

I take a limited number of weddings per year so I can focus on you and telling your story.

I'm based in Adelaide, Australia, and the best part is I can fly anywhere in the world right here!

If you would like me to create some photographs for you, tell me a little about you and what makes you tick. I love to chat, so feel free to drop me a line if you'd like to talk to me more about your day, wherever you might be in the world.

0404 925 666

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