Al Ru Farm Wedding Photographer | Adelaide Hills Wedding | Sam + Colette

Al Ru Farm | Sam + Colette

I’ve always wanted to shoot an Al Ru farm wedding, and when Sam and Colette approached me about their wedding there, my interest was peaked. I also love it when couples tell me they don’t like posed photos. It’s instantly a sign that we are meant to be working together. When you witness a wedding day as sincere, heartfelt and genuine as this one, it’s easy to get caught up in it all. Al Ru Farm is such a beautiful location and has it’s own unique charm. You can leave it as is, or you can make it your own.

Hot tip: Planning your wedding day
When planning their wedding, brides should make sure to tell me special little details mean the most to them because from there we build your story. Sometimes everything else can be just white noise. Couples should plan their day so that they have time to take it all in, because on the day it’s the little things you end up forgetting as it all rushes past.

Every detail that was planned for this had so much of a personal touch – from the bouquet, the ring box, to the bridal party. You could tell that it all meant something to them, and that each person they chose to spend the day with, meant something special. To me the most special part of a wedding are the human interactions between the different groups. The families, the old friends and the new ones.

Each thread of a story has something to tell and on your wedding day, they all intertwine into a complex and beautiful tapestry.

I consider it one of the greatest of privileges to have captured the wedding story of Sam and Colette. The tears that were shed by their guests, the vows that were spoken and the hugs and kisses exchanged. To me, knowing that Sam and Colette will never forget this day as long as they have their photos is the reason why I get into this gig so much. Here’s a snapshot of some of their day.