Photography is not “just a job” for me.

Your wedding is an opportunity to create something timeless – with you.

I don’t really have a long and sappy story about how I’ve always wanted to be a photographer. If anything, it’s actually quite boring. I bought a camera before a big trip to Japan. I took photos all the time.

I realised I was good at it.

Weddings on the other hand… They fascinate me.

To me, weddings are the most amazing blend of stories and emotion – it’s the coming together of your individual pasts and the birth of your future together.

They are the most beautiful thing to me. Every wedding I do, I consider an honour. Honestly it’s the best thing to be able to capture a couple’s special day.

About a year ago I decided not to take the “normal” wedding photos. I got sick of seeing cheesy, staged moments, moments that do not reflect the intimacy you have as a couple. All I want is for you guys to have the best day of your life, the photos come second, because if you’re in the moment – I can almost always guarantee a beautiful photo.

I know it feels awkward in front of a camera, I’ve been there, and you’re certainly not the first (or the last). With me, you’ll learn how to relax, forget about the fact you’re getting pictures taken, and focus on the one thing that’s important – the love of your life next to you.

I’ll coach you where needed, but for the most part, I’ll give you tips so that you can be your most authentic selves. I’m not your typical wedding photographer, stuck for ideas (and poses). To me, your wedding day should feel as natural as possible – and if it does, the photos will mean so much more, because you’ll forget I was there.

I want to capture the real moments between you and your fiancé, on the one day you’ve planned more than any other day in your life.

You have your own story, I want to help you tell it in the most accurate way possible.

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I take a limited number of weddings per year so I can focus on you and telling your story.

I'm based in Adelaide, Australia, and the best part is I can fly anywhere in the world right here!

If you like my style, my approach and would like me to tell your story, tell me a little about you and what you're looking for. I love to chat, so feel free to drop me a line if you'd like to talk to me more about your day, wherever you might be in the world.

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