I don’t really have a long and sappy story about how I’ve always wanted to be a photographer. If anything, it’s actually quite boring. I bought a camera before a big trip to Japan. I took photos all the time. I realised I was good at it.

What I love about photography, it it’s ability to tell a story. My main passion is people and what their story might be. I’ve  always been about wondering how the story ends and where it began, trying to belong, and trying to find the beauty in everything.

To me, weddings are the most fascinating blend of stories – it’s the coming together of your individual pasts and the birth of your future together. They are the most beautiful thing to me.

About a year ago I decided not to take the “normal” wedding photos. I got sick of seeing cheesy, staged moments, clearly not the couples idea. For some reason wedding photography became all about the cool pose, or the dramatic, artificial light, or even worse, the photoshopped “thing” chasing the bridal party in the background. I guess that looks good to some people, but if that’s not you, then you’ve come to the right place. I’m after the real moments, as unscripted as possible. Your story as you’ve planned it, on the day that you should remember for the rest of your lives.

I want to capture the most authentic moments between you and your fiancé, on the one day you’ve planned more than any other day in your life.

You have your own story, I want to help you tell it in the most accurate way possible.


You love hanging out with your fiance. Together, you enjoy good food, great beer and occasionally, a nice drop of red. You’ve danced together, laughed together, cried together (happy tears too).

You both work hard, in jobs that you’re proud of and have studied to get to. But despite this, you're not just about material things. Life's about moments and adventures.

You’ve travelled together and feel as comfortable jumping on a plane, as you do driving along the hills to your favourite foodie retreat. You love to get away together, or with your close group of friends.

Your wedding day is coming up, and while you’re nervous about all the planning and preparation it takes – you know it will be perfect because you get to be there with him. With her.

Because he’s the one. Because she gets you and you’ve never felt more complete in your life.

All the planning and all the time you’ve spent together, making sure everything is perfect, is worth it. Because he’s perfect (and so is she) and you can’t wait to spend the rest of your lives together…and look back on how you were when it all began.

You approach your wedding day with creativity, care and a sense of adventure. The focus is your bond and the beginning of your new lives together. It may be a small and intimate ceremony, or a large celebration, the celebration of your lives and loved ones together in it. Beautiful locations with lots of light, details and an overarching romantic theme are all the things that you appreciate and adore.

Your wedding day is your chance to celebrate with your besties. Your family are at your core, but your new life together, what it means and how it feels, is your focus.

And you want everyone who joins you to have a great time!


If this sounds like you, then we're a match!

I met my soul mate, Kathryn over 6 years ago. We've both worked hard to get where we are at and enjoy our time with family.

Our favourite things in life are food and travel (locally or overseas), along with our two toddlers Elliot and Charlotte.

In the lead up to our wedding day, we planned for 2 years for the perfect event.

Our wedding day was a celebration of all the things we love. The Barossa, food, friends and family. We celebrated with our inner circle and had the day and night of our lives.

In fact every wedding I shoot brings me right back to that special day on the 8th of March, 2015.

It’s one of the reasons I LOVE and am so passionate about my job.

​And now it’s your turn – I can’t wait to hear all about your plans.

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I take a limited number of weddings per year so I can focus on you and telling your story.

I'm based in Adelaide, Australia, and the best part is I can fly anywhere in the world right here!

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